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  • Cylindrical roller

    Product introduction


    Material: Chrome( 100Cr6 & 100CrMn6 ) and stainless steel( SUS420J2 , AISI304, AISI304L, AISI316, AISI316L, AISI440C , AISI430 ), Ceramic(Si3N4 & ZrO2), TC(Tungsten Carbide), Plastic

    Diameter:Ф1.25mm to Ф100mm

    Length: 3mm to 100mm

    The end shape: NRA(round end) / NRB(flat end) / TR/ TP/ relieved end / cut end / ground end / variant-curvaturethat can according to Customer’s various requirement.

    Precision: G2 / G3 / G5

    Size(Diameter X Length):5X9mm 6X14mm 11X11mm