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  • Taper roller bearing

    Product introduction

    Taper roller bearings we supply are in many designs and sizes to match their many uses. The most prevalent are listed as single row taper roller bearings and paired single row taper roller bearings. These bearings cover the popular sizes of metric bearings manufactured to ISO 355:1977 and inch-sized bearings which follow the ANSI/ABMA standard 19.2-1994. The range can be divided into:

    1. bearings for general use
    2. high-performance bearings manufactured to the CL7C specifications and
    3. bearings with a flanged outer ring


    Single row taper roller bearing in metric and inch size: 30200 / 30300 / 31300 / 32200 / 32300 / 33100 / 33200 series, L / LM / HM / BT / J / JL / JLM / M series